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Four Ways to Support Your Local Pregnancy Center

There are thousands of Pregnancy Centers around the U.S. dedicated to helping new mothers with prenatal care and support for their new bundles of joy. Most of these centers are non-profit and thus rely heavily on contributions from volunteers and donors.
If you are interested in helping to support your local Pregnancy Center, I recommend one of these four fun ideas to get the ball rolling.

Baby Shower
Everyone loves celebrating new life, so what better way to help out the center than by throwing a baby shower! Invite your entire group or church to a fun luncheon complete with pink and blue d├ęcor, classic baby shower games and an adorable baby theme. Ask guests to bring gifts for newborns and expecting mothers, including new clothing, bedding and postpartum care items. Enjoy the party then donate the items and gift cards directly to the Pregnancy Center.

Baby Bottle Campaign
While some struggle financially to write a large check to support a cause, many have a ton of loose change hanging around. Distribute empty baby bottles to your church, friends or community and ask them to fill these bottles with spare change. After the bottles are full, they can be returned directly to the center to help support their extra costs.

New Mommy Baskets
Just as many make baskets for their new mom friends and community members, you can make baskets for the expecting mothers at the Pregnancy Center. Filled with baby items, gift cards and endearing notes, these baskets can be brought to the center to be handed out to the mothers after the arrival of their new additions, bringing smiles and gratitude while fulfilling useful newborn needs.

Don't Forget the Dads!
Pregnancy Centers are not always just for mother and baby. Many fathers need assistance in this transitional time as well. Consider partnering with your local center to offer classes as well as support groups for these new fathers. The camaraderie and friendships created can last a lifetime.

When it comes to supporting new mothers, the possibilities are endless. On top of offering them emotional and financial support, enjoy celebrating the many new and precious lives being brought into this world!

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