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Am I Empathic or Bipolar?

This page originally shared an article I wrote directed towards those who have reached out to me for help in the early stages of discovering their empathic abilities.  When I receive enough inquiries on a subject, I take that as a sign that many others have similar questions, and so I attempt to assist those seeking help.

A handful of individuals with Bipolar Disorder reached out to me and pointed out how my article did not represent Bipolar Disorder in an accurate fashion and they were right.  I am far from an expert on this disorder and I have no intention to claim to be.  In an attempt to give a quick launching point for research to a handful of individuals, I failed to give an accurate and thorough account of Bipolar Disorder.  For that reason, I chose to remove this article. 

I wish to take a moment to apologize to anyone who felt offended by my article.  As an individual who is no stranger to the stigmas of mental illness, personally suffering from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), I never wish to perpetuate stereotypes or misconceptions of any kind. 

Each and every one of us is on a journey to understand ourselves and seek answers and personal enlightenment.  I am humbly grateful to those who showed me that I was perpetuating a stereotype and without hesistance, have removed this article.

If ever there is something you see on this website that you feel is inaccurate or wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me.  There is so much knowledge in this world and I can only humbly offer the small amount I know.  Together, we can each bring a piece to the puzzle. 

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